Legal Examination Should be Restructured, Law Students Cry after 72% Failed Law Entrance Exam

A Member of the Ghana National Association of Law Students, John Telfah, is recommending the overhauling of Act 32 which regulates the conduct of the legal space in the country.
“Restructuring of an independent examination council to ensure they have more lecturers and the interest of students are always advocated for”.
In an interview with Cititv news connect he indicated that the remarking of the 2019 exams itself is not enough to stem the rising tide of the persistent failure.
“Act 32 which was passed 50 years ago has outlawed its purpose and Parliament rightly recognizes it.
“A system such that the law faculties handle the substantive laws and Ghana School of Law does the procedural part shouldn’t exist in this decade” he added.
According to him, Law faculties can be empowered to train students in both procedural law and substantive law, and then the independent examination board can be set to standardized examination.
The 2021 Ghana School of Law entrance exams saw 28 percent of the LLB candidates gain entrance to Ghana’s only institution for training lawyers.
790 out of 2,824 candidates passed the exam organized earlier this year.
Source: Priscilla Fordjour

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