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Former Asante Kotoko SC Chief Executive Officer, George Amoako, has opened can of fire to those lambasting him for leaking his outstanding five months salary arrears to the Media.

George Amoako who was part of the erstwhile Management of Asante Kotoko has been vehemently criticized for leaking his salary arrears to the Media.

But the Ghana Football Association Executive Council member says he is utterly astonished how something confidential like this came out.

In a meeting with National Circles Council Executives, he narrated how the whole thing happened.

“I chanced upon a financial report that the former Executive Chairman now the Chairman of the Board had submitted to the Board which had nothing of me as the Chief Executive Officer as part of the administrative setup in that report,”

“Most importantly, my outstanding salary from February to June had not been mentioned in the report to the Board.

“So when I realize that the Board will have no knowledge of that outstanding payment due me, I quietly talked to some Board Members to take it up at their meeting. I never wrote to the Board or spoke to any journalist about it”

“I don’t need to make noise. I haven’t officially written to the Board to demand my salary.”

Source: Sasu Danquah

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