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Sports Journalist, Kwabena Yeboah has suggested Kotoko needs an international investor and a major paradigm shift as solution to the team’s failures.
In an interview on Starr Chat, the veteran sports commentator noted that winning matches against local baby football teams is not an achievement Kotoko should boast of.
“Kotoko needs a paradigm shift. Kotoko needs an investor. Over the last 12 years, Kotoko would win the league by beating Berekum Chelsea and Aduana Stars; that is no achievement. That is not where Kotoko should be operating. Kotoko will go nowhere if there is no major shift, Kotoko will continue to mark time and retrogress”, he said.
He added that “Although Kotoko is a local team, it should be up competing against Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus on the European level”.
“When you talk about having a strategic investor, you are reminded of the fact that Kotoko is a traditional team and they cannot have new owners and I laugh about that because you are no more traditional than Liverpool, Manchester United. The fact that you have an American investors does not mean you are going to have a change in colours”, he said.
He said “Kotoko have experimented over the years and they aren’t getting it right. Every now and then, they are kicking out CEOs or Chairmen, or coach. It doesn’t matter how many coaches you change. At about 20 years, Kotoko had employed and sacked over 35 coaches and I keep reminding them that the problem of the club had nothing to do with the coaches. A coach is only a reflection of the materials in the field of play.”
Additionally, he noted that starting Kotoko players must be paid at least ¢12,000 to sustain and attract best playing materials.
“I’m not talking about building a stadium but building the team first, sustaining players over a period of 5-6 years.
If you really want to attract the best material, you should pay really well. You cannot pay a Kotoko player you want to make a mark in Africa and win matches for you ¢1000 or ¢2000. It is a joke. The least any Kotoko player deserves, especially for starting player deserves is $2000”, he said.
Source: Fuseini

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