Kwabena Tandoh Lied, Eduwatch Wasn’t Consulted- Eduwatch On 2022 Educational Calendar

The Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch) has refuted claims by the Deputy Director-General for Quality and Access of the Ghana Education Service, Kwabena Bempah Tandoh, that its outfit was consulted in developing the current educational calendar.

Kwabena Bempah Tandoh during an interview on the Citi Breakfast show said the Ghana Education Service met with the full complement of the education sector, including teacher unions and civil society organizations like Eduwatch who gave their nod for the implementation of the semester policy for pre-tertiary students.

In a statement issued by Eduwatch, the education think tank said “for the record, at no point was Eduwatch or its executive director ever consulted by GES/MoE in taking such a decision. Like all other citizens, we were only informed through GES’s Facebook page. The culture of confusing information with consultation in the education sector must end”.

Critical issues have been raised about the new policy-changing from the three terms to a semester- especially where the Kindergartens will have to bear long duration in school.

The semester system began with the emergence of the Double Track System for Senior High Schools (SHS).

Eduwatch, which has been against the semester policy of the government since it was announced, suggests that the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service rather do away with the semester system.

“While we appreciate the need to harmonise the pre-tertiary calendar, the semester system cannot be used as a yardstick or harmonisation since it is only an advisory measure that emerged out of a Double Track challenge the government has been working to fix through various SHS infrastructural expansion interventions.

“With 80% of such projects completed, one can only expect that once SHS returns to single-track, possibly by next year, we shall revert to the traditional 3term pre-tertiary calendar

“Eduwatch believes that the semester system emerged with Double Track, and not at the back of any proven, insurmountable challenges with the 3-term system. On this basis, it is only logical that the semester system leaves along with the Double-track”, it said.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) published the 2022 academic year education calendar for Junior High Schools (JHS), Senior High Schools (SHS), Primary and Kindergarten (KG).

Per the calendar, the primary and Kindergarten who previously operated three terms will undergo a semester that commences on January 18 together with the JHS.

The semester will then end on June 9, 2022, with a mid-semester break between April 12 and 18.

The second semester for the same will begin on July 26 and end on December 16 with a mid-semester break between September 30 and October 9.

The pre-SHS students will spend 20 weeks in each semester.

For Senior High Schools (SHS), first-year students will report on April 4 and end the first semester on June 20, Begin the second semester on September 25, and then end on December 16.

Admission for the first years will take place between January and March, the transitional calendar for SHS previewed.

The second years have their first semester springing from February 7 to April 14. Their second semester will then begin on July 17 and end on August 26.

The final year students however will commence their first semester on February 7 just like the SHS 2 students but end it on April 1. The second semester will begin on April 19 and remain in school until the end of the WASSCE which will take place between August and September.

27, 30, and 32 weeks will be spent by SHS 1, SHS 2, and SHS 3 respectively according to the transitional calendar released by the GES.

Source: Fuseini

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