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Kenyans React Over Deputy President’s Teary Moment

An emotional moment of Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto breaking down into tears during a prayer meeting at his home is getting mixed opinion among Kenyans.

This is the second time Mr Ruto has shed tears in the public, the first time being in 2013 when he and President Uhuru Kenyatta won their first term in office.

The duo has since fallen out and the president is backing his deputy’s competitor, former opposition leader Raila Odinga in this election.

Mr Ruto’s “breaking down” moment on Tuesday was reported by most of the local media:

In the video shared online, the emotional Mr Ruto buried his face in his hands and could later be seen wiping tears.

A preacher can be heard in the background praying amid some worship songs. The meeting had been organised to pray for the country ahead of the Tuesday elections.

Kenyans on Twitter had varied reactions to the incident:

“Is the crying Ruto and the Ruto who hurls insults in the streets the same person?” Lydia Ngaira posed.

“Dr William Ruto is crying, praying and interceding for Kenya. God will reward him,” Sammy Masio tweeted.

Kenya’s presidential race is tight between Mr Ruto and Mr Odinga, according to the latest polls – with none meeting the constitutional requirement of getting more than 50% of the votes required to win.

Source: BBC

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