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Kennedy Is Nice But Reckless-Murtala

Member of Parliament for Tamale Central has stated that Assin Central Member of Parliament, Honourable Kennedy Agyepong shouldn’t be walking a free man if the country was a serious country.
Honourable Murtala Mohammed said that he finds the Assin Central quite reckless in his submissions.
“I think he is very reckless, very very reckless to say this… I think that his statement on the matter of Ahmed Suale for which reasons the gentleman was barbarously murdered, in a very serious country that man should not be a free man walking. I’m not saying he killed Ahmed Suale but he brought the picture on his screen and said people should hurt him… He is very reckless and sometimes absolutely irresponsible in his comments”, he said.
Another point he raised was that he didn’t want to be addressed as an honourable because of the conduct of such MPs.
“I think it is justified when I consistently say I don’t want to be addressed as an honourable because the conduct of some members of parliament is dishonourable. There is no fun and no pride in associated with that title. Call me Comrade Murtala”, he noted.
According to him, the leadership of the New Patriotic Party dreads the Assin Central MP.
“He has coward everybody to submission in the NPP. Even Nana Addo is afraid of him. He says anything at any point in time…Nana Addo fears him, everybody in the NPP fears the man. They dare not question him. Sometimes he pretends to have information about everybody and perhaps he has a lot of information about his own people”, he said.
Despite, he revealed Honourable Agyepong is a very good friend of his and one of the nicest persons in parliament.
Source: Fuseini

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