Juventus Academy Ghana Enrolment Cost Causes Stir

The announced registration fees of Juventus Academy in Ghana have raised eyebrows as some Ghanaians believe proximity was not factored in the decision to set the academy up in the first place.

The academy charges between $1500 and $3000 as a registration fee per the age of the kid. Aside from that parents will cough out either $400 or $450 depending on the age of the child for training kits.

These figures have turned out controversial and sparked criticisms from a section of Ghanaians

“…..Make my lil bro play small poles saaaa? Eii,” said one with another adding, “This be cool price.. But in the wrong country.”

Another lamented, “I think that this project is meant for the rich and not of talent.”

He was backed by another who highlighted, “Charging such monies in Ghana. So those talented players can’t afford to pay and the Dbees that plays like Maguire will be there spoiling my name.”

“E good give Airport residential kids. Nungua kids go go play small poles for black park.”

“Na Kojo Asamoah anka nu, like ein mommy go fit pay this amount if he be kiddie?” asked another.

There were a few others who thought the prices were nothing compared to the anticipated gains.

“Good deal, but I just hope someone go sponsor more of our talented kiddies to be able to make it to this Academy, because most of them will not be able to afford this, unless the Dbees. This opportunity be big waa.”

“Cool Price, big investment for a kid with talent and a dream.”

“This is an investment you, by luck or by hardwork you will profit off it in some years. If I know of any good footballer, I would like to invest in them at my own terms,” said one other.

“People will see a good academy somewhere and will start crying about how poor the standards of the game is. They’ve brought it to y’all doorstep go for it.”

In the face of these criticisms, a partner of the Academy who is also the Consul of Ghana to Italy, Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone has disclosed a spot will be reserved for the underprivileged soon.

“We will have a section dedicated only to the talented and the less privileged which will be entirely free, including room and board. We will open to justifiers soon. But it was right to have an elite section too,” he posted on X.

The Juventus Academy Ghana is co-owned by the Italian club and former Ghana international Kwadwo Asamoah

The mission of the Academy aims to “grow people before players, guiding our students to become accomplished individuals that encompass our core values of sportsmanship, independence and self-confidence”.

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