Joy Daddy Industry Accuses Daddy Lumba Of “Defrauding”

Dr. Manfred Takyi, the CEO of Joy Industries Limited, has accused Ghanaian veteran musician, Charles Kwadwo Fosu, known in showbiz as Daddy Lumba for taking a customized Tundra they designed for him and some cash in the name of performing for them but to no avail.

Not only him, but he also called out other acts who have also been so dishonest to the Joy Industries Limited brand.

Dr. Takyi stated in his speech that Joy Industries Limited served as the economic backbone for the majority of these artists in Ghana during the Covid-19 era when the economy was at a standstill, to the point of booking over 20 acts for a concert that is ticketed. However, at this point, these same individuals have turned against them and are demanding contracts for simply sharing some of their products (Joy Products) on social media.

“We have helped so many celebrities in this country, but none of them has shared our products or spoken about them, remember when the celebrities market declined, Joy Industry as a company and a cooperate entity, used them for several shows, now that the economy has turned to be a bit okay when you introduce your product to them to share on their timelines, they’ll ask for a contract for just sharing but we use to help Over 20 on one platform during the times of difficulties and some of them owe us as at now”, Dr. Manfred told.

“Even Daddy Lumba owes us, tell him to return the customized Tundra we gave him for performing for our show and the money we gave him to perform at our show but failed to do”, he added.

This enunciation was grabbed by opemsuo.com on Kumi Kasa’s timeline on Facebook when he was showing appreciation to Rosemond Brown and thanking her for showing up anytime she is needed and for her zeal to work for Joy industries.

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Source: Opemsuo.com/Elijah Donkor

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