Irish Chef Breaks Hilda Baci’s Longest Cooking Marathon Record

An Irish chef by the name Alan Fisher has broken Hilda Baci’s longest cooking marathon with his 119 hours 57 minutes of cooking.

After breaking Hilda’s record, he went on to break the longest baking marathon two days later cumulating into more than 160 hours in the kitchen.


He spent nine days cooking 590 kg worth of dishes, that is 3,360 portions consisting of 32 recipes and baking 357 kg worth of soda bread, Guinness Record said.

These meals were handed out to people in Matsue who showed up to support his record-breaking journey.

Delving into some challenges, the Japan-based restaurant owner recounted how alongside battling fatigue, got struck on one occasion by hallucination.

“Towards the end of the cooking marathon however, as fatigue started to take hold I would find it more and more difficult to stay awake whenever I sat down to start peeling. The rhythm of the peeling would almost hypnotize me. I had one hallucination on the second-to-last day. I turned to ask someone to pass me like I would on any normal day only to realize there was no one there.”

He now has to his name two world record certificates.

In June, Nigerian chef Hilda Baci extended the world’s longest cooking marathon record to 93 hours and 11 minutes from 87 hours and 45 minutes by India’s Lata Tondon.

The new record, according to the Guinness World record is more than 24 hours longer than the Hilda’s.

He extended the longest baking marathon (individual), previously held by Wendy Sandner, an American at 31 hours 16 minutes.

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