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“I’m Sincerely Sorry”; Sosu After Vulgar Comment

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, Francis Xavier Sosu has issued an unqualified apology for explicit comments he spat during the Occupy BoG protest on Tuesday.

The MP clad in red and surrounded by some men complained about the economic hardship before directing vulgar words at theAkufo-Addo in the Ga language.

His unprintable words fetched criticisms from across the country with a section calling on the people of Madina to vote him out come 2024.

“Vulgar, uncouth, unbecoming, un-called for, scandalous, dishonorable. This is an MP representing the good, moralistic, and highly religious people of Madina? A human rights lawyer? Really? Vote him out!” one commented.

Another said, “I dont want to believe this! Wow …. So after drinking and got carried away and making those foul statements…Herr so the people of Madina actually voted this guy.”

“NDC MP for Madina constituency, who frequently preaches in church, was seen in a viral video using profanity on Ghanaians.”

“I suspect @fx_sosu was DRUNK or might out of peer pressure taken something that made him act the way he did yesterday, because to disrespect Motherhood on live TV show is a very big deal, the People of Madina should bear it in mind that, they voted for a “GANGSTER” as an MP. from his actions yesterday, it’s clear he’s a dangerous individual,” another suggested.

In a statement on Wednesday, the MP said he spoke out of “anger and extreme provocation” but agreed with the public that it was “completely out of character”.

“I wish to sincerely apologize for my choice of words during my outburst yesterday… I unreservedly apologize for my actions and words and ask that all those offended would find a place in their hearts to forgive me. I am human and this only demonstrated the anguish, pain, frustrations and disappointment at the management of the Bank of Ghana, and at our current state of affairs as a country.”

He continued, “Consistent with my avowed values, I am sincerely Sorry.”

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