If My Policies Fail I Will Reverse & Not Apologise-Yaw Osei Adutwum

The Minister for Education, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum has shared his preparedness to reverse any policy he implements that fails to yield the desired result.

However, the minister says he will not apologise for any reversal he makes.

“If something doesn’t go well, I will reverse it and I won’t apologise for it. I will do it because it is the right thing to do”, he said speaking at the Ministry for Information weekly briefing.

This comes on the back of a recent backlash from a section of the public over the transformation from a trimester to a semester academic calendar for both basic and Junior High Schools.

Many called on the Minister to apologise after reinstating the trimester academic calendar.

He recollected that “I was sitting in my office in my small corner and I was convinced that the semester was good and that last year before I became the Minister, Junior High School (JHS) was made a semester but primary school continued the trimester and that parents were complaining about it. It was a legitimate concern so, in response, GES decided to make both primary and JHS semesters”.

The Minister said he raised concerns about the long duration involved however, “they (GES) proposed a break after ten weeks. Then I said go ahead but inform the unions. Then I was told consultations had been made with the unions and that the unions agreed.”

According to him, after teachers showed displeasure, he directed the GES to reverse back to the trimester academic calendar as the teachers wished.

“My research as an educationist tells me that there is no difference between semester and trimester, it’s just for convenience. If semester is convenient for you, use it, if trimester is convenient for you, use it. In the space of primary and Junior High School, nothing shows that the outcomes will be better, therefore I reversed it“, he said.

To Dr Adutwum, “the mark of leadership is when you say to yourself, if something is not right, I will reverse it. The mark of leadership is not when you become a dictator, no. I’m here to serve so I will serve the people and in education, the people who matter the most are my teachers.”

Source: Fuseini

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