If Anything Happens To Me Question Fire Ogya- Sister Sandy

Multiple award-winning entertainment presenter, Sister Sandy has reported threats by Prophet Jedidia Henry Kore, popularly known as Prophet Fire Ogya to the public and police.

In a social media post on Monday, Sister Sandy who is known as “the Guyest” tagged the police service and her followers about some threats she had received from the prophet who came to the limelight through his predictions about the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Cote d’Ivoire.

Her post on Facebook read, “Dear Ghanaians, especially the Ghana Police Service, If anything happens to #theguyest, Question “Fire Ogya”. If I die or someone attacks me, is fire ogya!! A man of God mpo nie!!!!”

It comes after the prophet in his latest video faulted some bloggers and two broadcast journalists including Sister Sandy and Abeiku Santana as well as a media house for courting public disaffection towards his person with the prophesies he delivered about the Black Stars and subsequently the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire.

In the video, he said he had cursed all his offenders and was heading into a 21-day vigil over them.

“I will not sleep for 21 days…Sandy bi ye guy has to call me and apologise. You can ignore but wait and see. You will spend your money on treating illness. Wait and see what will happen.”

“You want to make money with your YouTube account? You will use that money to treat illness. This is to all the bloggers. You can go back and insult me. I am used to insults by now. Hit FM is fake…God will punish them all. If you use your page to propagate my prophesies and court insults for my person you must also use that same page to propagate them when they come to pass.”

“I will come after each one of you one after the other. Wait for what will happen.”

In the comment section of her post, Sandy denied offending the prophet as she explained she only covered one of his prophecies during her entertainment show.

“I’m an entertainment journalist (13 years and counting), we do trending stories, and he happened to be on my stories when Ghana was playing a match. Where he said “Kudus will bring disgrace upon himself “ funny enough, it was as Kudus who scored…I said nothing bad about him.”

Fire Ogya during one of his media escapades prophesied Cote d’Ivoire would go far in the tournament but it wasn’t long until the hosts lost by 4-0 to Equatorial Guinea in their last group match finishing third, with little hope of qualifying for the next Round.

The loss attracted backlash for the prophet and cast doubt on the prophecy but then the Elephants limped into the knockout stage as one of the four best third-placed finishers eventually and have since won all succeeding games to qualify for the semi-finals stage.

The prophet was hoping bloggers would highlight his prophecy after this feat by Ivorians and takes offence at their disregard as he called them fake in his broadcast over the weekend.

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