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May 24th, 2020
The Patrons, Executives and entire Members of Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA) would like to congratulate the Muslim community in Kumasi, Ghana, and the entire world for painstakingly going through these moments of prayers and fasting. KuYA in unism wishes you all a happy Eid celebrations.
According to the Islamic calander, Ramadan is the ninth month dedicated specially for fasting, prayers, reflection and community which signifies a commemoration of Mohammad’s first revelation. As this period of prayer and fasting commenced from 23rd of April, 2020 and ended on the 23rd of May, 2020. KuYA has observed closely the unreserved commitment of the Muslim community.

As the Covid-19 pandemic affected almost every activity on this Earth not sparing congregational consecrations. This has caused many governments including Ghana to put a hold on all religious activities.
In the midst of this pandemic and atrocities, the Moslem community spared not their foundational believe of prayer and fasting but encouraged all of its members to pray individually and in their homes.
KuYA believes that this commitment exhibited by the Muslim community need to be unequivocally commended and also call on other religious bodies to emulates this firm and benevolent faith expounded in the Muslim community.
We believe that as you have spent these catastrophic moments in prayers and fasting, Allah indeed visited your homes of prayers. As it is believed that Allah’s reward is multiplied during the Ramadan prayers and fasting, we believe that God has visited Kumasi, Ghana and the entire world through your moments of prayers.
The Patrons, Executives, and entire members of KuYA would like to once more congratulate all our Muslim friends in Kumasi and Asante for going through this period of Ramadan with their utmost commitment.
KuYA would finally like to encourage all Muslim friends to abide by the Covid-19 preventive/management rules put in place by the government as we end with Ramadan prayers and fasting. Let us refrain form any form of groupings to entertain ourselves.
We therefore entreat the Muslim community to continue in the wearing our nose masks whenever we going out, wash our hands frequently or use hand sanitizers, and finally maintain social distance of at least one (1) to two meters. Let any form of Eid celebration be done in the homes and avoid outings for Eid celebrations.
Have A joyous Eid Celebrations
Thank You
Kwabena Frimpong
General Secretary
Shared by Communication Directorate

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