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Guinea coup: Deposed Alpha Condé still in a state of shock – Ayorkor Botchway

Deposed Guinean President, Alpha Conde, is still shocked and gradually coming to terms with the coup that toppled his government. Ghana’s Foreign Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchway, revealed this after she led an ECOWAS delegation to Guinea to assess the situation. (
Several Military officers in Guinea, led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya said that they have dissolved the constitution and government in the country.
President Alpha Conde has since been in detention, and concerns have been raised about his well being and treatment.
According to Shirley Ayorkor Botchway, the deposed President is physically well.
“Physically, he looks very well; we even talked to his doctor, who ascertained that indeed physically, he’s very well.
“But for anybody who has gone through such a traumatic experience like he did, mentally, it’s not the best, not to say that mentally we found anything wrong, but he was quite shocked; he’s still in a state of shock.”
The Foreign Minister also disclosed that the coup leaders outlined many conditions to release the deposed President and relinquish power for a civilian-led transition.
“Conditions under which he’d be released, that I, at the moment cannot talk about, the heads of state sent us on a mission, we will present the report to them tomorrow.
“Indeed, they did put to us, a number of conditions under which they’d be released, but it’d not be proper to put that out now.”
She did not reveal the specific conditions as a report will be presented to the ECOWAS Heads of State at the extraordinary summit.
She explained that seven ECOWAS Heads of State will be arriving in Ghana Thursday Morning for an extraordinary ECOWAS summit to consider the report of the delegation dispatched to Guinea.
Nigeria will be represented by the Vice President, while Sierra Leone and the Gambia will be represented by their Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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