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Govt Plans For Bigger Jet

The Government of Ghana will soon procure a bigger aircraft to facilitate travels of the President and his entourage, the Director of Communication at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin has said.
This follows the contentions about the abandonment of the Falcon aircraft which was procured by President Kuffour, for other ‘luxurious’ aircraft, during the president’s travels.
It had been noted that the use of other flights by President Akufo-Addo was purely on security grounds.
Mr. Arhin believes the new decision will save the county from all the controversies it is currently surrounded with over the president’s travels.
“The Minister of Defense has made it clear that the government has decided to buy a bigger jet to save us from all these troubles. Government is in the process of acquiring a bigger jet for use”, he disclosed.
He was however economical with information concerning the new jet and said the Minister of Defense will communicate more information in due time.
The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in response to the development said it will not side with the government in securing a new jet since the life span of the presidential Falcon hasn’t yet been met.
In a radio interview, Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, the North Tongu Member of Parliament noted that there is nothing wrong with the Falcon for a new jet to be acquired.
“The Akufo-Addo administration will not get the support of the NDC in purchasing a new aircraft. We are not convinced that there is anything wrong with the current presidential jet.
“We are not going to endorse, collaborate and support any scheme that only seeks to advance the president’s insatiable appetite for luxury. There is nothing wrong with the presidential jet”, he noted.
Source: Fuseini

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