GES Responds To NAGRAT Concerns

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has complied with the ultimatum given by the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) to respond to some challenges teachers have been facing in the line of their duties.

The NAGRAT gave the GES and the Ministry of Education a two-week ultimatum to respond to concerns raised by teachers over “wantom” removal of teachers names from payroll, inadequate teaching and learning materials, and delivery and mode of lesson note preparation, during a press conference on February 17.

In less than five days, the GES has furnished a communique addressing the concerns of the teachers.

According to NAGRAT, some officers of the GES take advantage to deny teachers their salaries with the flimsiest of excuse but the GES says it has issued guidelines on how stoppage of salaries of staff should be handled as a way of dealing with the abuses.

“The crux of the guidelines is that where there is a justifiable official reason why a particular salary should be stopped, the validator should immediately inform the Cost Centre Manager of the development and the reason for that”, the GES noted.

On the other hand, where the reason for stopping the salary of any staff is not one of those indicated on the payroll system, the GES says the validator should only do that on the express authorisation of the Cost Centre Manager which must be indicated in a Special report through the system, the statement added.

With regards to the preparation of lesson notes, the GES indicated that it is agreed that the mode, whether manually prepared or electronically prepared, must be the decision of the teacher and his supervisor.

It added that the “phasing out of the manual preparation of lesson notes will be discussed at the appropriate time when every teacher has received his/her laptop and trained”.

For inadequate teaching and learning materials, the GES noted that the procurement and supply of items like chalk is far advanced.

“Some urgent supplies have been made to areas like Western, Western North and Eastern Regions. All other regions which need chalk will be supplied.”

Source: Fuseini

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