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Ethiopian Airlines Bans ‘Ghana Must Go’ Bags

Ethiopian Airlines has banned the use of checkered bags popularly known as “Ghana Must Go” from their flights from Nigeria.

The ban announced in a letter by the Manager of Airport Services, Henok Gizachew took effect on November 25.

According to the airline, the use of sacks as a means of packing baggage costs and damages the conveyor belt system.

“The use of Ghana Must Go as a means of packing baggage has cost the airlines huge loss and also damaging the conveyor belt system, not only on our flight but also on other foreign airlines, hence the prohibition.”

It, therefore, noted that passengers must have their goods well packed in cartons or hardcover of rectangle size as an alternative.

History Behind the Bag
The bag which is still in use in Ghana, especially by Senior High School (SHS) students is very prominent in Nigeria.

It won the name “Ghana Must Go” during the reciprocal expulsion policy under the name “Aliens Expulsion Order,” of Ghanaians and other nationals in Nigeria in the 80s due to an economic downturn that was seen to be associated with mass immigration into the country.

Ghanaians leaving the country at the time opted for the checkered bag for packaging their belongings.

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