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Drill is not Ghanaian, Let’s be Original  – Michy GH

During an interview on Opemsuo Radio’s Kumasefie with Mr Black on August 26, Michy GH, formerly known as Shatta Michy, shared her thoughts on Ghanaian drill music.

When asked about her perspective on the genre, she expressed her admiration for it but emphasized that it does not originate from Ghana.

While she hesitated to discuss the topic, she clarified that drill music is not Ghanaian and does not belong to the country.

“God has been good for Ghanaian drill to be featured in the Grammys. That is a plus, but drill is not from us. The Ghanaian music war is us against us. You always hear them say they stole afrobeat, azonto, but what have we stolen? Drill.”

Michy believes Ghanaians should focus on preserving and promoting highlife music, which is genuinely Ghanaian.

“If we want to keep pushing Ghanaian music, it is highlife. Ours is highlife. Let’s be original, let’s return to what they are unlikely to steal because we still haven’t tapped into it too much. But we will leave our originality and go and chase and another thing. Drill is good, but we should be able to stick to our original style and build upon it.”

She further explained that unlike other genres like amapiano, drill is a culture that originates from America.

Drill is not just a beat like amapiano. It is a whole style. I don’t know which part of America it comes from, but it comes with the attitude, the dressing, the words.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso


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