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Death Toll From Malawi Tropical Storm Reaches 99

The death toll in Malawi from Tropical Storm Freddy rose to 99 on Monday, with 85 deaths recorded in the city of Blantyre alone, the authorities said.

The country is struggling to contain the effects of the storm, which has wreaked devastation particularly in 10 of the country’s southern region districts.

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds have destroyed houses, washed away roads and bridges, flattened crop fields and disrupted power generation.

The main referral hospital in Blantyre says it is overwhelmed by the sheer number of bodies it is receiving.

It has appealed to bereaved families or whose relatives are missing to go to the hospital to identify and collect the bodies for burial as hospital is running out of space.

The storm has crippled power generation capacity with most parts experiencing prolonged blackouts.

The national power generating company says it is unable to restore power with its hydro-power plant off due to accumulation of debris caused by flooding.

Weather experts say heavy rains and flooding will continue on Tuesday as the storm is expected to begin withdrawing from Malawi back to the Indian Ocean on Wednesday.

The Malawi government has declared a state of national disaster in the most affected districts. It appealed for help locally and globally for the tens of thousands of people who have been left without food and shelter.



Source: BBC

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