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Darko Farms To Supply KFC With Chicken

Darko farms, one of West Africa’s largest suppliers of chick poultry, is engaged in negotiations to supply processed chicken to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Jubilee House has relayed.
The KFC represented by Mohinani Group is in talks with Darko farms to become the biggest local supplier of processed chicken.
The poultry producing giant in Ghana will be supplying 100,000 birds to the KFC restaurant chain under the Yum certified conditions.

It is reported that the farm produces 10,000 birds per day with one shift and 20,000 birds per day with two shifts.
It also produces 6million day-old chicks annually, with breeder farms of about 30,000 birds per hatch, a layer farm capacity of 100,000 per batch, and a commercial broiler farm of 350,000 birds per 8 weeks cycle.
The farm has the potential of providing over 400 direct jobs and 700 indirect jobs to Ghanaians.

In 2017, it was granted a loan facility of 22.1 million cedis after it applied to be part of the 1-District 1-Factory Initiative, Jubilee House noted.
Source: Fuseini

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