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COVID-19: 3 Men In Quarantine Fined

Three patients have been fined for attacking a medical doctor at a Covid-19 isolation centre at M-Plaza Hotel in Accra.
The doctor was attacked after disclosing to the patients who were in isolation that they had tested positive for Covid-19.
“Investigations revealed that the Doctor while on his daily routine checks on patients at the COVID-19 centre disclosed to the 3 suspects who had also been quarantined that their COVID-19 status was positive. This did not go down with suspect Jubreal Abinbola, who burst out in anger and rained insults on the doctor.”
“This behaviour of suspect Jubreal Abinbola paved the way for an atmosphere of tension, where suspect Ahmed Akinbiyi charged on the doctor, pulled a metal fork from his pocket and chased the doctor in an attempt to stab him. Suspect Ramsey Omoefe whilst observing the happenings, also grabbed the doctor whilst he was fleeing from suspect Ahmed Akinbiyi and slapped him,” a police report said.
The doctor managed to escape and subsequently reported the attack to the Police.
The suspects were arrested and charged with the offence of Offensive Conduct Conducive To The Breach of Peace, Contrary To Section 207 of the Criminal Offences Act 1960 (Act 29).
The three suspects were arraigned and found guilty.
They have been ordered to pay a fine of GH₵ 6000.00 each to the court and 2000.00 each to the doctor as compensation.
Source: Citinews

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