COPEC Begs Goil To Rethink Its Suspension Decision

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) has implored state-owned oil and gas marketing company, Goil to rethink its decision to withdraw its membership of the Association of Oil Marketing Company (AOMC).

“We will beg that Goil should reconsider their position”, the Executive Secretary of COPEC, Duncan Amoah stated in an interview on Eyewitness news.

He indicated that the withdrawal decision of the largest Oil Marketing Company in Ghana (OMC) will have dire consequences for the association.

“Goil’s suspension will weaken the association not peripherally, but from the centre. This is because every one of five Ghanaians that buys fuel, buys from Goil, that is if you take the 20% market share. If the association is to meet to make any decision, and the bigger voice (Goil) is not there, the decisions will be difficult to carry out.

“The association will also need the full force of its membership in order that if there are things they do not agree with, especially with the government, they will be able to have collective bargaining power; a certain pressure to get certain things done for its members.

Goil in a letter dated December 8 announced its decision to withdraw from AOMC over claims that Goil is “the whipping boys of the government” after the former reduced the price of a litre of fuel to 6.70 pesewas (what many were made to believe was the president’s directive).

Debunking the claim, Goil CEO, Kwame Osei Prempeh was of the view that the association could have engaged it to ascertain the truth rather than going ahead to demand that the government withdraw the “directive”.

Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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