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CJ orders Kasoa ritual murder trial to be moved from Ofaakor District Court

Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah has ordered the case involving two teens standing trial for the murder of an 11 year old for ritual purposes, to be transferred from the Ofaakor District Court to the Kaneshie District court, for indictment proceedings to continue.
It follows three months of preliminary hearing of the case. Prosecutor Chief Inspector Ernest Agbo told the Ofaakor District Court, the order from the AG’s office, signed by the Chief Justice was served on the police Thursday morning.
Presiding judge Oheneba Antwi-Boasiako duly transferred the case, after counsel for the accused and juvenile, Samuel Atuah told the court, he has no problem with the order.
Spokesperson for the Mensah Abdallah family, Samed Akalilu says even though their expectation today was to have the case transferred to the High Court for the committal proceedings for proper trial to begin, they hope this translates into expedited trial.
Lawyer for the accused and juvenile, Samuel Atuah says they would have to comply and continue the process at the kaneshie District court.
He says even though no exact date was fixed for the next hearing, he is hopeful they should be back in court in two weeks.
Source: 3News

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