Cheating husbands need to be pampered – Wives advised


Controversial marriage Counsellor Dr Mrs Charllote Oduro has advised that the best way to punish a cheating husband is to stay busy.
According to her, as a married woman, when you catch your husband cheating, you should not punish him by preventing him access to your body.
Rather, you need to look for a job, get busy and look good in order to draw his attention back to you from returning to his old ways.
She advised that while you are it, the woman should never disrespect her husband for cheating and also continue to pray for him.
“I’m saying that make love to your husband. Don’t use lovemaking as a form of punishment to your husband. Lovemaking is a good thing for us as women. If you have sex it reduces stress and makes you feel comfortable. So even though you are fighting him, it’s imperative that you make love to him because if you don’t that will rather destroy your marriage. While loving him, make yourself busy”
Source: Opemsuo News Desk

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