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C. O. Sarfo; The MTTD Officer Who Chose Human Lives Over Bribe- A Feature By Hajara Fuseini.

On Thursday, February 10, 2022, around 3 pm, an MTTD officer working around one of the roundabouts near the New Kejetia Market in Kumasi, signalled a commercial vehicle full of passengers heading toward Asuofia to pull over.

While the driver parked, the driver’s mate handed over a twenty cedis note to the driver to keep in a case that contained his driving licence (the traditional method drivers use in giving bribes to officers). One of the passengers suggested they reduce the amount to ten cedis, however, he was ignored.

Then the MTTD officer approached the vehicle after inspecting the tyres of the car and called one of the passengers, a male, to witness the state of the car’s tyres, to which he complied.

The driver then approached the MTTD officer whose name was inscribed as C. O. Sarfo on a golden metallic tag pinned to the right chest of a white long-sleeved MTTD shirt he wore and handed over his cased licence.

With all passengers including myself, thinking the officer was going to take out the “gifted bribe” secretly as usual, the narrative was different this time around. The officer took out the money and held it visibly.

He then inspected the licence and noticed it was “fake”. Upon interrogation, the driver indicated that he had been using the licence for almost two years.

Meanwhile, from the look on the face of the male passenger who was called out, it was realised that the front tyres of the vehicle were in a very bad condition.

The MTTD officer, at this point, flagged the twenty cedis note at the passengers and in disappointment, questioned why the driver chose to convey passengers with those tyres and aggravate matters by putting money in the cased licence, seeking to buy his way out.

He then asked the driver to replace his tyres instantly and leave, apparently trying to avoid an arrest for the sake of the passengers, but the driver stood speechless and hopeless, indicating that he had no spare car tyre.

On that note, the MTTD officer addressed the passenger, convincing all, including myself, that he is not crooked, “I am doing this for your sake. The rate at which accidents kill exceeds the lives lost in armed robbery attacks. Excuse my language, if this car is attacked by armed robbers, the probability that none of you will be killed is higher but if this car gets into an accident on its way, you all can perish.”

At this juncture, all the passengers stepped out of the car, grateful to the officer for saving us from what was probably our last day on planet earth, despite knowing we were approaching an arduous task finding another vehicle.

Coincidentally, I boarded another vehicle with some passengers from the former, and the conversation continued. “He must be rewarded” was what the passengers prayed for.

Checks by opemsuo.com revealed that the officer, C.O. Sarfo, is with the Ashanti Regional Central Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) and is known among his colleagues as Shatta.

C.O. Sarfo alias Shatta, the MTTD officer who chose lives over 20 cedis deserves public reward and commendations. He is one in a million officers.

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Hajara Fuseini

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