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Avoid Use Of “Terrorist” Loosely And Irresponsibly To Create Panic Among Ghanaians: Police-Immigration Services Cautions

The Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Immigration Service with a joint statement have cautioned various media houses to be circumspect in their use of the word “terrorist” to create unwarranted panic and fear among the general populace.

The service describes such actions as ‘loose and irresponsible’.

The Police Service and the Immigration Service made the caution in a joint statement refuting a claim by Ghanaian Times Newspaper Publication about the whereabouts of some 48 alleged terrorists.

According to the service, the publication is false and should be disregarded.

“No supposed terrorists have been arrested by the Police and the Ghana Immigration service, and there is certainly no blame game going on between the two state security agencies as is being falsely claimed by the Ghanaian Times Newspaper”, the statement clears.

Read the Full Statement.

Source: Emmanuel Owusu Anti

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