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Ashanti Regional Minister Reacts To Viral Snubbing Video

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon Simon Osei Mensah has publicly spoken about a viral video in which he is seen snubbing some women who beseiged the Regional Coordinating Council.

Some of the School Feeding Caterers in the region on Monday, April 3 stormed the Office of the Minister to present a petition to him.

In a viral video, the women numbering more than twenty are heard making noise on the compound whereas the Regional Minister faced them on the first floor of the storey. He later snubbed them and moved back into his office.

According to the caterers, their visit to the Regional Coordinating Council was to demand payment of arrears owed them by the government and an upward adjustment of the 0.95 pesewas grant per child.

In reaction in an interview with the media, the Minister said, “I was in my office having a meeting. The meeting was distracted by an uproar from outside so I sent someone to ascertain the issue. I was told School feeding Caterers were making the noise so I went out.”

According to him, his reaction was because the “protest” by the women was unlawful plus prior to that, he had never been approached by any of them over the grievances.

“In the first place, the demonstration was unlawful because they did not inform the police. Secondly, I’ve never had an encounter with them about their grievances.”

He, however, agreed that the women have legitimate concerns.

“What they did, I don’t like. I’m not here to pamper people to do illegality. Indeed they have a legitimate grievance but there are laws too.”

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