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Ashanti Region: MTTD Clamps Down On Tricycle And Motorbike Riders

The Ashanti Regional Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) has announced commencement of an exercise to enforce road regulations with regards to motorbikes and tricycles riders.
The statement from Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council stated that the exercise will commence on Wednesday, 1st September, 2021.
The regulation include; prohibition of minors ridding tricycles, ridding without license, ridding on the shoulders of the road, ridding without helmets, ridding in between lanes, disregarding traffic lights, overloading tricycles and taking passengers in the front seat of tricycles.
The ARCC said, this comes after the incessant indiscipline on our roads which have caused the Region deaths and injuries.
Offenders shall be apprehended, processed and arraigned before a competent court of jurisdiction, it added.
“Not only are the activities of the riders of the tricycles on our roads and highways a nuisance to other road users but also poses several risks, the drivers drive recklessly and engage in dangerous and wrongful crossing of other road users”, it said.


Source: Fuseini

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