All Teachers Alliance Demonstrate Over Government’s “Substandard” Laptops

“All we want is our money”, was the objective of the aggrieved teachers who marched from Independence Square to the office of the Ghana Education Service (GES) today.

The teachers are demanding a refund of the GHc509 deducted from their November 2021 Professional Development Allowance for payment of the cost of their 30% take on the one teacher, one laptop initiative.

According to the teachers, the laptops are sub-standard and not fit for the purpose intended.

One of the protesters said, “We are protesting for our money. We just need our money. We don’t need that pentium1 that they have brought. We need our money.

Another said, “Halt deduction of 509 cedis from their Professional Development allowance. GES should refund the money they have deducted from our PDA. If you want to resource a teacher, it is not the teacher who pays for the resources, the employer should pay for it TLM (Teacher-Learning Material).”

“We are here to put across our displeasure at what our union leaders did. They’re not thinking about the grassroots teachers but themselves.”

The group presented their petition to the Deputy Director of the GES, Dr. Kwabena Bempah Tandoh on behalf of the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service.

Mr. Tandoh was of the view that there was no need for the demonstration since their group together with another called Innovative Teachers have petitioned a competent court over their grievances.

He however assured the petition will be referred to the appropriate authority.

Source: Fuseini

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