2022/2023 National Service Postings To Be Released This Week – A/R Director Announces

The Director of the Ashanti Regional National Service Scheme Secretariat, Mr Opoku Mensah has announced that the 2022/2023 national service personnel postings shall be released in the course of the week.

This year’s national service personnel postings have delayed and lingered way beyond the official month of September for the exercise.

According to him, series of unfortunate events such as strike actions in schools, the Covid-19 pandemic which interrupted the academic calendar which caused for the extension of the academic activities affected the completion of the programs in most state tertiary institutions.

Mr Opoku Mensah indicated that for this reason the National Service Scheme Secretariat has to stretch the date from September 1 to October 1 which could not happen because most of the students have not completed their programmes.

He said, the scheme cannot initiate this year’s exercise whiles some students are in school according to the National Service Act of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, hence, the delay.

He emphasized that the posting of the new national service recruits for the 2022/2023 national service year shall eventually be released by Friday, October 7, 2022. The rest of the weeks in October shall be used for registration so personnel can be at post from November 1, 2022.

Source: Effah Mensah William

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