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20 Persons From Ashesi Community Test Positive For COVID-19, 9 Recoveries And 2 Dead

Ashesi University has confirmed 20 members of the institute including three staff, 10 Ghanaian students and 7 international students tested positive for COVID-19 while two have died of the same.

According to the school, COVID-19 tests were conducted for both “students and staff who work with the students”.

“Out of the 213 tests conducted for students in Ghana, 10 (4.7%) on campus were positive for COVID-19. All had no visible symptoms. The University has provided individual accommodation on campus for students who tested positive, all of whom are currently receiving treatment from the University health team with guidance from the Ghana Health Service.”

“Contact tracing identified 8 other students who had spent time with some of the 10 students who tested positive on campus. As a precautionary measure, all 8 students were also provided individual accommodation on campus. They have now tested negative for the virus a week later and have all been cleared.”

“68 tests were also conducted for university staff, faculty and third-party service providers working on campus. We recorded 3 positive tests.”

In a post, the school said all seven international students who tested positive for the virus and two of the staff have recovered.

“Of the international students who were returning to Ghana, 1 tested positive at Ghana’s airport and received care from the Government; and 6 tested positive in their home countries. All 7 students have since tested negative and have been cleared.”

” 1 member of staff and 2 third-party service providers – who also went into isolation…all three have since been retested and 2 have tested negative and been discharged. A member of our third-party provider team is still testing positive and will continue to receive treatment.”, the post states.

The school however confirmed “prior to the start of this semester, we lost two members of the Ashesi community to COVID-19: Board Member, Patrick Nutor; and Associate Dean of Student Life and Engagement, Frances Awuah-Kyeremateng.”

The post further said, “currently, the remaining 10 isolated students on campus are doing well and will be retesting before the end of January to determine a safe return to the general population.”

Source: Hajara Fuseini

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